Catering & Sponsorships

Catering & Sponsorships

Birthdays, anniversaries & celebrations

Experienced cooks of the temple can help you celebrate your memorable events with a sumptuous freshly baked cake or other sweets alongside.

We can cater to your needs.

All that you do is choose any type of cake or sweet and we will bake it fresh for the occasion.

You are also welcome to celebrate occasions and we can cook the prasadam feast for you, all you need to do is choose your menu, sponsor the prasad, invite your friends and family and enjoy the day!

Temple Sponsors  &  Service Costs updated (27-02-2020)

Sunday Feast

Standard menu for normal Sunday congregation :                                     £151.00 (1 sabji, 1 dal, 1 sweet, roti & rice)

The standard sabji’s are :    Potatoe & peas, Potatoes and Aubergine, Potatoes & Cauliflower, Potatoes & Green Beans or Mixed Vegetables

The standard deserts are :   Rice Pudding/ Kheer,  Halwa  or  Milk Sevia

 Additional guests invited : £3.00 / plate

Special requested items (eg. Paneer, pakora, salad or a different sweet) will add to the above basic costs.

Cakes (Eggless pure vegetarian) Vanilla Sponge Carob (Chocolate Substitute) 
Small Cake (8″) £25.00 £30.00
Medium Cake (10″) £35.00 £40.00
Large Cake (12″) £45.00 £50.00
Sponsor Daily Worship Weekday  Weekend
Deity Garlands for the Day £15.00 £30.00
Single Maha-Prasad Offering  :      (morning or evening) £25.00 £51.00
All Maha Offerings for a Day( Mangal-arati sweets, morning bhoga offering, evening bhoga offering, night milk offering) £60.00 £80.00
Complete Deity Worship for one Day £100.00 £151.00
Lockdown Virtual Pujas for blessings/ birthdays/ samskaras £31.00 + additional for pujari  
Standard Yagyas for New home/ blessings/ samskaras  £151.00 + pujari & temple donations