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ISKCON Coventry has been most fortunate to receive the mercy of numerous sannyasi’s and visiting preachers coming to the temple! This invigorates and enthuses devotees resulting in active preaching! 

Home to Home Satsangs

Devotees of the congregation are regularly involved in home to home preaching where they have been invited to present Krishna Consciousness to new families and peform kirtan with them. Devotees have been called out to homes far and wide starting from Coventry, Rugby, Nuneaton and as far as London preaching to Sikh, Muslim and Christian backgrounds! The after effects of ecstatic and uplifting kirtans and thoughtful deep philosophy leaves families feeling great warmth and happiness from the association of devotees and holy name!


Maha Harinams

Every year devotees hold a maha harinam in Coventry City Centre at Christmas time and on major festivals such as Janamashtami, Gaura Purnima, Nityanandas Appearance day and Nirjal Ekadasi!

Other harinams have included surrounding areas as Nuneaton and Rugby and at a Sikh Nagar Kirtan held in 2007.


International Preaching In Bharat

Devotees also go to Tirath Yatra every year visiting Sri Vrindavan Dham, Mayapur Dham & Jagannath Puri Dham. They also visit Punjab where Srila Prabhupadas Books are being distributed as harinams are performed in the streets and villages of Punjab!

The local Punjabis enjoyed the sounds of the traditional dhol with the mahamantra being sung and couldn’t help but join the devotees in dancing to the holy name!


Youth Programmes

The temple has around 25 youth members who regularly attend and hold satsangs and preaching programmes. One of our most successful events was a Youth Conference where senior devotees of the temple gave workshops and presentations to youth from all over the midlands area. This proved to be a very enthusiastic event with a lot of interaction and profound guidance given by the seniors on spiritual life.

There are over 10 initiated youth serving at the temple as pujaris, cooks, preachers, book distributors and kirtaneers who are also involved in preaching programmes at surrounding nama hattas and at Warwick and Coventry University.

Kirtan at Ramdevs Yoga at RICOH arena

ISKCON Coventry devotees had a great chance to share the holy name with hundreds of people at the RICOH Arena in 2008 where Ramdev’s Yoga was taking place. On the last day of the yoga course, various groups were invited to perform an item for the grand finale. Jumping up to the chance the devotees performed a lively harinam inside the arena to which the crowds gave a positive response!

Drama & Studio Group

Golden Age Studios, KOV

The youth of ISKCON Coventry have been involved in performing dramas at major festivals from a very young age. Trained by temple president, Haridas Prabhu, who is also a scriptwriter, director and musical composer, the drama group have given audience to crowds of over 700 people! Many famous dramas include Ram leela, The Boatman, Genie In a Bottle, The Senses, Dhruv Maharaj, Go Mata and many others.

The most popular of all was Krishna Of Vrindavan held in October 2004 at the Royal Spa Centre in Leamington with a cast of over 30 characters reminiscing the pastimes of Lord Krishna from when He was born and up to killing King Kansa. (online review see Girls Night Out at http://www.vconline.biz/) 

Daily Programme


Temple opening times

Monday - Friday

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Shyan Arti

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Saturday Mangal Arti

04:30 AM - 10:00 AM

Sunday Feast

3 PM -  6PM



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