The ATMA (Soul Search) Paradigm

Feb 13, 2017
What is consciousness? Where does it come from? What’s moving matter? Are there different states of reality? What is life? How do species appear? What’s driving the Universe? What's beyond? If you’re dismayed with the arguments between chance and creationism, then discover a rational third option with The Atma Paradigm – a radical modern take on current scientific evidence inspired by some ancient ideas.If you love science, but worry about its paradoxes, inconsistencies and absurdities, The Atma Paradigm offers a logical model that resolves the contradictions and offers a testable set of propositions. If you suspect there is more to life and the universe than just the chemistry and physics of inert particles, then the Atma Paradigm adds a dimension that conserves will, purpose, freedom, love and transcendence. Warning: - These talks do rock a few boats.
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