Janmastami 2013 Festival

Sep 06, 2013

Like every year, each temple in the world would have celebrated and enjoyed the wonderful Janamashtami festival. Not surprisingly, Coventry also felt extreme joy on that special day. It all started early morning with the Abhishek of our installed deities, Sri Sri Sacinandana and Nitaicand, celebrating Their 19th Anniversary of installation. They were dressed in brand new outfits, Bhoga was offered to Them. Ecstatic kirtans and prayers were sung and Krishna katha was spoken to a huge crowd.

As always, the midnight aarti brought warm loving feelings towards baby Krishna swinging in the julan. Unique to the Coventry Yatra, the congregation danced to the loud Punjabi dhol, deep djembe, crashing cymbals and unified voices singing the mahamantra and other glorifications. Midnight was a crescendo to the whole festival leaving the singers satisfied after their full throttle singing. It was all overwhelming!

During the evening, as an offering to the Lordships, three new DVD's were presented. First DVD was on Krishna astakam, which are eight stanzas glorifying Shree Krishna. After that we presented the DVD about next year’s 20th Anniversary of our Deities, called '20 years of Devotion' & the third DVD were devotee’s testimonials of the deities and how Sri Sri Sacinandana Nitacand have changed their lives. The children performed a dance to a new song written entitled, 'Sweet Krishna'.

The cooks prepared feast for the congregation, tents & a large screen TV were put up, and a large cake was cut past midnight. The devotees fasting honoured ekadashi type feast and strolled home only to come next day to celebrate Nanda Utsava, oops , Srila Prabhupada's appearance day. Nanda ke ananda bayo, jai kanaiya lal ki,...... devaki nandana ki jai.  Can't wait till next year. Hare Krishna!

- Haridas

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