Donate for Janmastami

Aug 15, 2018

Sri Krishna Janmastami, the appearance day of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, is being celebrated Monday 3rd Sept 2018!

On this auspicious day ISKCON Coventry will be celebrating with kirtans, katha, 2 dramas, visual presentations, midnight arati, darshan and prasad! 

In order to put on this festival for the Lords pleasure you can serve by sponsoring or pledging towards any of the items below & get the blessings of Sri Krishna on His Birthday:

New Deity Dresses £600

Janmastami Abhishek £51

Main Feast-Bhoga Seva £251

Maha-Annakuta £151

Cake £108

Baby Krishna Garland £31

Garlands for Sacinandana Nitaicand £51

Flower Decorations £251

Temple Decorations £101

Tent & TV Hire £750

General Donations

If you prefer to send your donation via BACS    the temple bank account details are:

Bank: Lloyds Bank
Name : SSRKCC 
A/C No : 03027517
S/C : 30-92-33

Or you can pay by Debit Card or cash on the day at the donation table.

Thankyou Hare Krishna!

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