Bhakti Vriksa Fortnightly August 2017

Jul 31, 2017

Hare Krishna!

We are pleased to announce Bhakti Vriksa will be taking place every 2 weeks starting from this week commencing 31/07/2017.

BV provides focus on Individual members, upward growth for all, versatile – open to all religions, cultures & age groups, It generates sense of belonging, fosters good relations, works in small groups of devotees, and offers personal 1-2-1 spiritual counselling & care.

⏰ 7pm-8:30pm ⏰


‍‍Wednesdays (matajis group)

4 steeplefield Rd




‍‍Thursdays (prabhu jis group)

19 Gloucester St




Bhakti vriksa encourages:

✔️group study of Srila Prabhupadas books & Bhagavad Gita

✔️learning kirtans

✔️encouraging japa

✔️informal questions & answers ❓

✔️association & support from fellow congregation members ‍‍‍

We encourage all to please attend ! HARE KRISHNA!


    “This is a wonderful programme for making spiritual advancement by all – the ones conducting it and the ones attending it. It is very interactive, structured and carefully thought out, As a devotee of some thirty years, just to go through the training conducted by Gurusevak and then running the first session at my house a few days later was exciting and very rewarding for me, then imagine the joy of those who were participating. Everyone involved realises they are benefiting and making real progress. I recommend it to anyone.  So if you’re not already part of it then join a BK group immediately and don’t miss out ! ” 

- Vidura Das




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